About Me

Hi everyone!

This is me, although I have grown older since this picture was taken. - I like this one best.

When I was quite young, my Mom, God love her, taught me to sew, crochet, knit and any other type of craft we dared to get involved in such as rose buds & flowers made out of fur, thistle Christmas tress, pine cone wreaths, macrame flower pot hangers, plastic canvas. I could go on and on. We were always equally excited to see the end results of our joyous work. There were so many wonderful evenings we spent together making afghans and baby clothes and sweaters for my children.My Mom is gone now and I am a senior citizen. And, after all these years, I still get excited to see the end results of my joyous work.

With my children all grown, I started traveling around the country side with my husband in our tractor/trailer. I can think of nothing more inspiring to me as a crafter than seeing this beautiful, magnificient land God gave us that we call the USA. I have seen many, many sights that have brought tears to my eyes. I have been in places so big and so desolate that I thought I might have been on the moon. I have taken thousands of pictures and still have none that will do justice to what I have seen in our west. So big. So beautiful. Every state west and east of the Mississippi has it's own unique qualities.

Needless to say, I knit up a storm on my travels. Most of the socks on my web site were created on these trips. And there was nothing better than snuggling with my hubby in our “camper” on a cold, rainy night or those cold, winter nights we spent in the Rockies and up in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. “I've been everywhere man. Across the desert square man. - From corner to corner and from sea to shining sea. Even across Wolf Creek Pass 'Way up on the Great Divide' in winter in the wee hours of the night on solid ice and no guardrails – SCARY! And, it ain't easy bein' Keysie”. Would I do it all again? You bet. I love this land. God Bless the USA.

Last year I got an urge to try Primitive Crafts. I love 'em. I buy 'em. Why not make 'em. I'm gonna be home for a while so I did and I still am. It is my new passion. As always, I am so excited to see my end results; but you already know that. LOL When I begin traveling again, I'll take my handy dandy sewing machine with me and all my craft stuff. Move over Jim. Mama's comin' too!

Although I have many of my own creations, I love to purchase and make many of the wonderful patterns created by my fellow primitive crafters on the net. So many terrific artists out there. I thank them all.

I do hope you enjoy visiting my web site. Please. Drop me a line anytime – bobbie.show@yahoo.com – I'll look forward to hearing from you.


~ Bobbie Show